Jan 4, 2010

New Stuff- Gardening


So I have this friend, Heather, who is super totally awesomeness. She recently introduced me to this nifty little site called Gardenguides. You can check out my profile and if you join the site, please add me as your friend!

Garden Guides allows you to create your own profile and then share gardening tips and ideas with other members through the forums. The site also provides helpful articles on garden design, pests and diseases, organic gardening and plant varieties.

It's really awesome and if you're in to garden, so much fun!

Last season was my first real experience with a garden. We planted a tree, and flowers, and veggies!! Some things worked and some didn't and I can't wait to try new things this season. The boyfriend and I had a lot of fun cooking with all the stuff from our little garden.

This season we plan on laying out a larger piece of the yard for planting, and I'm hoping to get some new varieties of flowers for the yard. We'd also like to try our hand at herbs as well.

Why is it only January!? Sad face! I want the cold to go away. I wish I lived somewhere where the growing season was longer, because I'm not experienced enough or ambitious enough to do the whole mini greenhouse or growing indoors thing.

So if you love growing stuff or want to develop your own green thumb, then check out gardenguides.com and join in!



YAY join and give us tips!!! HA HA HA!!! Joe and I are probably going to do two boxes of veggies in the back yard. I know he wants to do a lot but I figure we won't be in the house forever and I don't know if I can keep anything alive yet. HA HA HA!!! It should be interesting...


I'll have to check that site out for my spring planting!

Happy New Year!

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