Jan 21, 2010

A date with the books

I'll be spending this evening swamped in homework.


I sure do wish I could take Mauney's place on the couch instead.


Doesn't she look so comfy? Not fair.

xoxo- Kimberly


Patricia Snook

Ooh your collage was awesome. All that warm yummy goodness has got my tummy rumbling! Your cat here looks like such a pampered puss, I want to curl up and snuggle into a mountain of blankets.

Have a fab weekend xoxo


OMG is that a MacBook I see? HA HA HA!!! Not envying the mass homework but I have realized I'm pretty close to an Associates degree so once this wedding stuff is done I'm definitely registering for class again. I just wish I could discipline myself to do more than one class. AHHH!!!

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