Jan 15, 2010

A little inspiration from Monaco

Recently Andy and I purchased some prints for our living room. Our walls have been pretty much blank up until now. Andy gave me free reign to decorate but I never wanted to do anything unless I was sure that it would be something that Andy could live with too.

When we saw these prints the other day, it just clicked. They were the perfect mix of both of our personality and taste and we love them!!

I loved them so much, I decided to use them as my inspiration for my new stylebooks. (As a side note- I didn't intend for the fashion montages to be true to period.)

Monaco 1930

L'Oreal at ShopStyle

Monaco 1937

Kate Spade at ShopStyle

Monaco 1948

Rebecca Norman at ShopStyle

And here's what they look like on our wall!



Oh yay for stuff on the walls! They look awesome. :)

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