Jan 27, 2010

Henry's new trick

I had to show you all this video I got of Henry the other day.

This is his new thing. He used to meow at the door to be let in.

Now he does this little trick. What a silly boy!

PS- Nothing happens for about the first 20 seconds so just keep watching.

See the little cat bowl just below the window? Henry started this trick when he saw Mauney sitting there eating her dinner.

He wanted to get in and get at her so bad that he started furiously pawing at the window as fast as his little tootsies would go. It was hilarious! I wish I had a video of that one.



AH HA it's so cute! Panda does that but like he wants to go out. I ask him if he's washing the windows for me. HA HA HA!!! I just need tiny little windex pads to attach to his feet and my windows would be spotless. At least at his height. HA HA HA!!! SO CUTE!!!


oh my gosh. That is hilarious! I should try that with Henry, lol.

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