Get to Know Me



My name is Kimberly, although I've gone by many nicknames, Kimmy, Kimber, and even Wingnut. I'm a full time student working on my undergrad in History and hoping to pursue a master's in archiving or library science. I work as a digital archivists which keeps me super busy but I still find time to do a little playing.

I'm engaged to the most amazing guy in the world, who is incredibly good to me. I'm crazy in love with him. We have one dog and two cats. I occasionally blog about the mischief they get in. We enjoy hiking, trying new restaurants, crossword puzzles, travelling, books, gardening, sushi, and movies.

 Currently I love all things books and paper, being outdoors, flowers, art, museums, libraries, fashion, pretty things, and the color green.

I find inspiration in books, photography, fashion, interior design, and generally just pretty things that I come across every day. I'm constantly striving to be a better version of myself and have learned to embrace my faults. One of the most important things I've learned is that you can be the most amazing version of yourself when you're with the right person.

I love my fiance. I love my family. I love his family. And I love my life!


This blog is a reflection of both myself and my fiance (we just recently got engaged.)

If you follow FG then you know where the title came from. Andy watches FG and quotes it often. Whenever he uses this phrase it always makes me laugh.

As far as how it represents me- I like to share little pieces of candy or 'treasures' that I find online with my readers whether it's art, fashion, recipes, or interior design.

So, Welcome!


Andy and I


(also known as Turkey, Burrito, Rotisserie Chicken and any other food related names we can come up with)

(The cat with major attitude)

(my baby girl, also known as Budha)
Also pictured is the newest member of our family- Chicken (Budha's best friend)