Jan 12, 2010

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever..."

Last week I took Andy out. We went for dinner and then went to see Sherlock Holmes. We've both been wanting to see it and it had been ages since we'd been to a movie in the theater. Isn't Redbox great? Anyway- we loved it.

When I was little my mother gave me the game of Clue for my birthday or Christmas (i forget) and I was constantly trying to bribe my sisters into playing it with me. I always had to be Mr. Green so I could be the green playing piece, of course.

I had read some old Hardy Boys books that my grandmother had given me. I had no idea who the Hardy Boys were at the time but I knew two things. 1. I loved to read and 2. the books had belonged to my dad when he was a boy. That was enough to get me turning pages.

In fifth grade, my teacher, Mr. Allen, greatest teacher ever btw, let us watch episodes of Get Smart. I seriously loved that show!!

Sp after playing Clue and triumphing (against my 6 yr old sister) three times in a row, I was convinced that I could be a brilliant detective. I truly believed that detective work was glamorous and exciting beyond anything else. I also believed that every detective had a phone in their shoe and poison in their pens.

I had a very vivid imagination. I was also extremely gullible.

As I got a little older, I realized that detective work was actually just a lot of paperwork and that detectives did very little running down dark alleys or talking on shoe phones. I was pretty disappointed and decided that I would much rather be a veterinarian- but only of cats, dogs and horses- nothing else.

But I'll have to tell you about that another time. My perception of what veterinarians did was a bit distorted as well.

xoxo- Kimberly



Isn't it funny what we wanted to be when we were little and our perceptions of those professions?


OMG ok I LOVE Clue. It's one of the few games I will play. I LOVED Get Smart, that show was the BOMB! What a fun post though. I do agree that as children we may have wanted to be something but not really known what was involved. I have NO idea why but when I was a kid I wanted to be a Physical Therapist. Don't know where that came from since I never broke a thing in my life as a child and wasn't ever in hospitals or anything to see someone do that. Maybe I heard of it at a career day or something... Who knows! I totally love this. :)

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