Jan 7, 2010

Sing along

So I was over at PCL today listening to a couple of her favorite songs, (which btw, happen to be on my favorite list as well) and it led me to looking up some more of my favorites on Youtube.

What I can't get enough of these days:

Phoenix- these guys have their guitar picks on my heart strings for eternity. I luff them! I had the hardest time choosing which song to share with you because they're all sooo good!! So here's two of my top pics, although I really love Lasso and of course Lisztomania.

*sigh* soo good!! I could listen to them all day long, every day! Well, I practically already do.

And I have to include Chasing Pirates by Norah Jones. Of course embedding is disabled on, like, every single copy of the music video. So please click HERE and go check it out for yourself. For now:

But seriously, go watch the VIDEO. It's fantastic and Miss Jones is looking flawless. "And I try not to dream but them possible schemes, swim around, wanna drown me in synch." Wonderful!

Okay, two more and then I'll let you be on your way. Snow Patrol with Martha Wainwright=GENIUS!!! Just sayin.

Her voice, the combination! It just gives me chills!

Last, but certainly not least is Lisa Mitchell. Yeah, I know I've posted about her before but I can't resist adding her. I love all of her stuff. She doesn't know, but she's my music BFF.

Isn't she fantastic!? I don't often wish to be someone else but I don't think I'd object if I woke up one day with her voice and talent.

So thanks, PCL for taking me back through my playlist and totally making my day!


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