Jan 5, 2010

Reflecting on 2009

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Recently, I've been spending some time on the Personal Excellence Blog as I strive for my own personal happiness/excellence.

Not long ago, three keys questions were posed in reference to 2009 that I thought were worth reflecting on.

1. What are your major achievements and notable events this past year?

- Planted a garden
-Realized I was in love and stopped myself from running away from it
-Moved in and started a new life with Andy
-Remodelled our kitchen
-Traveled to Washington for Habitat for Humanity
-Maid of Honor at my sisters wedding
-Learned to make salmon with dill sauce
-Discovered my desire to get a Master's degree in library science or archiving
-Welcomed my sister home from her mission
-Had some fun in the sun in Oahu, Hawaii
-Completed two semesters of my undergrad with decent grades
-Eliminated negative friendships that were dragging me down
-Read several books on my 'to read' list

2. What have you learned for yourself this year?

-That I'm more capable than I give myself credit for
-That I am strong, confident, beautiful and creative in my own subtle way
-To suround myself with people who do not belittle my beliefs or goals and who encourage me to be the best 'me' possible
-That I need to laugh louder and smile longer
-That I've met the person I want to spend the rest of my life with and I don't need to be afraid of that, I can be excited
-That I can let go of the animosity I felt for my ex husband and see him as just another person, rather than someone who destroyed my life

3. What are your key goals for 2010 to make it a huge blast?

-Take control of my emotions and do not let them consume me in a negative way
-Stand up for myself and what I believe in or do not believe in
-Complete two more semesters of my undergrad
-Intern this summer for a museum, library, or historical site
-Continue to build my relationship with Andy and grow closer physically, mentally and emotionally
-Focus on enjoy my life just as it is while planning and looking forward to the future
-Travel to some place I've never been
-Let loose, don't feel stupid to laugh or be silly, relax
-Stay within my budget
-'Date' Andy-as in continue to go out on 'real' dates

There's so much more I could include on these lists but I'll keep it short for now. What were your greatest moments or greatest inner discoveries this year?



This is a great list. And I love the new layout, too!


I totally love this!!!! I might have to steal those reflection questions at some point. I plan to do a different exercise from the Personal Excellence Blog soon too. I love it! There's definitely great stuff there. :)

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