Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year


"Something Special" by Colbie Caillat written for the Beijing Olympics
I found a way to be everything
I've dreamed of,

and I know it's in me
that I will become
who I want to be

and I finially found it and
I'm taking the long way out
Cause it's gonna be, something special to me
Something special to me

Days go by
and I grow stronger

It takes time, but I'll never let go
Days go by and I'll try harder to make it mine
Something special to me

I've found
so many things
I've dreamed of

Andy and I celebrated by going out for sushi, soaking in the hot tub and watching a movie. It was a nice night

So, the last few years have been rough to say the least. I found myself starting over in every aspect of my life. Although that was beyond scarey, it was a good thing.

2009 brought me great things and much happiness. The year was focused on continuing to grow into a better version of myself and to eliminate all the negativity in my life.

This year, that focus will continue. At the same time, I'll be working on finding peace with my life, just as it is, at the moment.

So 2010, I'm so happy you're here and although I'm looking forward to the years beyond, I am grateful to be right here.

Here's to you and yours. May your year be filled with joy and happiness.

(Remember, happiness is always your choice.)


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