Jan 6, 2010

On why my socks have holes, TP frustrations in the night, and an update.

Why my socks have holes:

Him: your socks have holes

Me: I know

Him: you got attacked by wild badgers again?

Me: yeah

TP, you're killin me!

Me: I had a major issue last night.

Him: Oh yeah?

Me: I got up in the night to go to the bathroom. Only I couldn't find the end of the toilet paper role. I made a full rotation of the entire role like five times and still no end.

Him: It's because you put the role on backwards

Me: Yes, I know that! (clearly annoyed)

Him: Well...

Me: It was dark, and freezing cold and I was tired and I just wanted to go back to bed, but I had to sit there for like 20 minutes searching for a place to tear the toilet paper.

Him: Just turn on the light

Me: *exasperated sigh*

(what did the man expect me to do? get up off the toilet-pre wipe-and drip my way over to the light switch? seriously. men do not get it.)


Update on Project Happy Again in 2010:

Day One: Sunday

- started a notebook to keep track of my progress
- made a list of improvements I'd like to make within myself
- made a list of ways that I could accomplish this
- my happy thought for the day was my baby dog, Ashland who kept her chin on my knee the entire time I wrote.

Day Two: Monday

- revamped my blog and centered more toward my theme for 2010
- chatted with Miss H about things we can do to motivate each other (she's working towards some of the same goals that I am)
- classes went smoothly and I didn't feel the urge to trip any prissy freshman girls
- took Ashland on an afternoon walk around the block and got some exercise
- passed my work evaluation with flying colors! (i was a little stressed over that one but I channelled positive energy before meeting with my supervisor and everything came out great)
- paid off my last bit of debt (not including student loans which is the last thing I have to tackle) and deposited a chunk into my savings! yay!
- forgot that it was my day to go to the gym- oops

So far, so good! It's day 3 and I feel light as air!

My goals for today include:

1. Catch up on homework
2. Finish cleaning the basement and get an office area set up for myself
3. Journal
4. Put together a nice dinner for tonight

That's all folks!! Have a wonderful and HAPPY day!

PS- Please go check out the beautiful new additions to the Noun shop!

I wish I could go back and ask Santa for this little ditty:

xo Kimberly



Dude awesome!!! You are doing AMAZING things and I think this year will be fantastic!!! I love seeing what you're up to. Oh and the TP issue is totally legit. I HATE it when the roll is on backwards and you can't find the end. That is the worst when you're tired and it's dark...

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