Jan 11, 2010

play, play, play- no work today!

orange shop
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Well, with the first week of classes behind me and only 13 more to go, I've realized that I'm going to need to develop a better plan of action for keeping up with all my reading, studying, and paper writing and find a way to fit in some 'me' time.

I'm pretty sure I was in denial last week and refused to admit that school had started up again. I was still in chill mode from the last blissful week of December that Andy and I spent doing absolutely nothing.

Last week I spent what little free time I had browsing Etsy, Flikr, ShopStyle, and all the many blogs I like to follow. Andy and I found some great prints for our living room (I'll be sharing them with you soon!) and now the decorating bug has bitten me hard and I've been on the hunt for more art for our walls like the above photo.


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