Jan 29, 2010

trilero ring

I don't wear many rings but there is one ring that has been on my finger since I was 13. It's a tiny sterling silver rose bud ring that my mom bought for me. We got it in a cute little shop in Park City. I put it on my finger that day and it's never come off.

I'm surprised that it actually still fits me. It's a size 4.5. Yeah, I have the tiniest little bird like fingers. They're a bit bone-y for my taste but what can you do, right?

Speaking of rings, I saw this today and loved it.


PS- My sister found out that she's having a baby girl yesterday! More girls!


Grand Pooba

4.5? Dang, you are tiny. TINY! I always want to wear rings but I can never find the right size, they all fall off or are too tight. The only one I wear is my wedding ring, it fits perfectly!

Grand Pooba

Ok, I wanted that ring until I saw how much it was.

68 dollars.


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