Jan 19, 2010

Opposites just don't attract

This is Henry:

Henry is a character. Playful, Friendly, Cuddlebug, Sweetheart.

This is Mauney:

Mauney is a character. Introvert, Sassy, Untouchable, Loner.

We love both our babies very much and we've learned how to handle their very opposite personalities.

However, they haven't learned how to handle each other.

Henry tries to get Mauney to play with him. Mauney likes to play alone.

Henry is curious about Mauney. Mauney could care less about Henry.

Henry sneaks up on Mauney. Mauney hides and hisses.

Sometimes they brawl. Usually in the middle of the night and it conveniently wakes the whole house up.

They brawled the other night.

Mauney's tail ended up puffed out about three times its normal size.

Henry ended up with the tip of Mauney's claw stuck in his face.

But will he ever learn? Nope. He'll be back at it again tomorrow, I'm sure.

xoxo- Kimberly


Grand Pooba

Oh I love cats, they are so funny! Especially when you get them together. My cats hated eachother when we first brought the newest one home. Now? They are gay lovers.

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