Apr 1, 2010

This Day In History- April 1st

Did you know that I'm a history major? History is incredibly fascinating to me. For a long time I struggled to declare a major because I wanted to know a little about a lot of things. I get to do that in history. I'm learning economics, geography, culture, art, religion and the list goes on and on.

I've realized that my love for history is a huge part of my life that I've been failing to mention here on my blog. I like to give out treats regarding all of my interests but history is one very important interest that I've avoided touching on.

Why? Because I never wanted to bore my readers or put them to sleep. But truly- history can be exciting! So I've decided to start a This Day In History series. I'll do my best to keep it entertaining and find fascinating and fun facts for you. What better day to start than April 1st?

PS- I'm human. I make mistakes. If any of my facts are incorrect, please let me know so I can change them. Thank you!

-William Harvey of England discovers Blood Circulation- okay, isn't that super cool!!?


-The exact origins of April Fool's Day are actually unknown. Historians speculate that it originated in 1582 when France switched from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar. Word that the start of the new year has been changed to January 1st was slow to reach everyone. Those who continued to celebrate the end of the year during the last week of March through April 1 often became the butt of jokes and hoaxes.


-China's Chiang Kai-shek began repressing and attacking China's communists. Which, of course, fails as Mao and the communists survive the Long March in 1934 and win a brutal civil war taking power in 1949. We're studying this period right now and it's seriously amazing.


-American forces invaded Okinawa during WWII which was the last battle of the war.


-Weight Watchers is formed


-The soap opera's "General Hospital" and "Doctors" premiered on television


-Apple Computer begins operation


-Singer Marvin Gaye was shot to death by his father


-US Minimum wage goes from $3.80 to $4.25 per hour.


-President George W. Bush signs the Unborn Victims of Violence Act which makes it a crime to harm a fetus during an assault on a pregnant woman.


-Albania and Croatia join NATO

Okay, so I totally get a thrill out of that. Hope you're not all snoring now, haha.



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