Apr 8, 2010

technically clueless

So I had to open the computer lab this morning. Can I just tell you the most frustrating thing about this job? The people who expect that they are the only person that needs help and that you can just sit there next to their computer assisting them your entire shift and ignoring everyone else.

There is an older lady who comes in every morning when I'm working. She has zero experience with computers and doesn't even know how to use the mouse.

Now I do feel bad for the adults that are trying to come back to school and have no computer experience but I can't just sit with her the entire time showing her how to click on things and do internet searches and open her email and every little thing when I have ten other people who need assistance.

It would be nice if there was a beginner beginner computer class that they could take before jumping in to all this because honestly, many of them don't even know what it means to left click or right click the mouse.

I have to give this lady credit though because she is really trying to learn. But it takes even longer for her to write down every single thing I say so that she can replicate it when I'm not there to help her.

Today she wrote down the steps on how to send an email, how to save a paper to her jump drive, and how to shut down the computer.

It's so frustrating for me that I can't even begin to imagine how frustrated she feels. There is just so much basic knowledge that I have that I take for granted every day. It makes me really appreciate the few things that I do know.

I think that I'll probably be in her position when I'm her age though. I keep up on just enough technology to keep me functioning in every day life but I don't go out of my way to understand all the new things coming out. Eventually I'll be in the dark too.

Luckily I have a man who is totally tech savvy and can figure just about anything out. And hopefully by the time I feel clueless, I'll have a couple genius children who can help their poor old mom along. :)

I already told Andy that our children are going to be geniuses. He agrees. Ha!




HA you are hilarious! I love this! I know here I've seen classes through the "continuing education" department at the college that is a beginner beginner course. There has GOT to be something like that people can do that are totally in the dark. You should see if there is one and print it out for her when she comes in next. Be like HERE sign up for THIS! AHHH!!! Maybe those classes you can take at the high schools and stuff that are pretty cheap... Or you should just start charging to share your knowledge. :P


i know how you feel i am the same way with trying to teach my mother just the basics of the computer.. how it works how to turn it on.. shut it off check email.. i mean just really basic stuff it sucks cause she cant even remember her email address or remember it.. i suppose you're right i'll be like that at my moms age when something new and awesome comes out that's way past our generation, haha


Send her on down to the library or bookstore to check out the "for dummies" series. That would be a lot easier than takeing a lot of notes.

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