Apr 8, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

I saw that both Jenn and Heather wrote about their favorite things and challenged everyone to do the same.

While I'm buried under mass piles of homework and feeling forlorn about the snow and my horrid work schedule, I thought I should play along too.

This is a list of a few of my favorite things, the things that seem to make it all better no matter how cruddy I feel.

1. When I get home from a long day and go out to let Ash out of her dog run. She wriggles her butt around in excitement, wacking her tell from side to side and running as fast as she can in circles around me.

2. When Andy and I plan a meal together and share the cooking responsibilities

3. Seeing the flowers and garden come up in our yard.

4. Weekends going out to breakfast with Andy

5. Seeing people I love happy and succeeding in life.

6. Buying new shoes

7. Gliders, Beach Cruisers, Sunglasses, Books, Bare feet, Driving a motorcycle through the canyon, Music.

8. Listening to Andy call out the correct answers to just about every Jeopardy question.

9. When Henry wakes me up in the night with his whiskers because he wants to tunnel under the covers and snuggle with me.

10. How Andy just seems to 'know' when I need a little extra hug or kiss

So what makes you happy?




UH I love your shoes! Stinkin' cute!!! I need to trash most of mine and get new ones because I'm so bad on shoes. The next time we're together we'll have to go shoe shopping so you can help me pick some cute things. :)

Ella Unread

Aw, your dog is gorgeous :)
The things that make you happy are actually nice because they're not expensive or hard to get, it's like being in love with the simple things life has to offer :D

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