Apr 13, 2010

Here in my bedroom...

I keep asking Andy if we can get a dual dresser.

Right now he's using a hand me down plywood thing (nasty) and I'm still using my dresser from when I was a kid, which is pretty much falling apart and not really my style.

While looking around for dressers I got inspired to create a few sample rooms.

Mostly I'm just trying to decide on an accent color to go with the brown leather bed frame that we have.

I love the rooms that I created but I'd probably go with something a little less formal in the end.



After I finish studying, I'm heading to the bedroom to watch a movie and wind down for the night.


ps- you get a gold star if you know who sings "Here in my bedroom"



I am trying to decorate our bedroom right now too. Here is the site that inspires me. I must go garage sale shopping to see if I can come up with some things to paint! http://betterafter.blogspot.com/
(I love that green dresser on your 2nd room)


I like that green one in the second picture.


goldfinger. duhh


I knew you'd know it, babe! Gold star for you :)

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