Apr 12, 2010

surprises and good stuff

When I got home on Friday, the coolest surprise was waiting for me from Andy!

See, I knew it was for me because of the little stickie with my name on it. Aren't I smart?

It even came with a cute little basket!! I took the bike out for a spin and it's so much fun! I was excited to get the basket attached.

But before that could happen, Henry climbed in and claimed it for his new bed. He sat in there most of the night, only getting out to walk over to his food dish and get some noms. Then he was right back in there. Little turkey!

Hmm...what else fun happened this weekend? On Sunday, we went to visit both our 'rents. I can't even think how long it's been since we had time to go for a visit together.

We also made fish tacos and grilled veggies for dinner one night. Seriously? Yum!!

This morning Andy texted to tell me that he thought the exam he had to take for his class today went well and that he felt good about it. That was a big relief because I know he'd been stressed about it.

Then, my biggest surprise came today when my boss called me in and promoted me to Team Lead over one of the labs. Saaaweeeet!! It's comes with a bit of a pay raise and the responsibility that I've been craving since leaving my coaching job.

All these good things and surprises call for a celebration, don't ya think?!! Possibly sushi and some more Hunger Games. I downloaded it from Audible and got Andy hooked to it.


ps- Enjoy your week! Mine will be spent preparing for dreaded finals.



Congrats!!! I think sushi is definitely in order. Also LOVE the bike. What a fun surprise for you! YAY!!!


oh what an awesome bike! im so jealous its beautiful! and henry looks so comfy in there! haha


That bike is spiffy! What a good man.

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