Apr 15, 2010

Kids-Part Two

I got to go shopping for maternity clothes with my sister and mom the other day. Fun! We're in the process of planning her baby shower as well, which is going to be super cute!! I'm excited to be an aunt!


ps- I had to laugh awhile back when we got a baby announcement from our friends. The baby was wearing one of those giant flower headbands. Andy looked at it and said "What's that growing out of her head?"



I am excited to see pics from the shower, I love your style!

Grand Pooba

Hahaha! The bows and head bands are just getting bigger and bigger!

How exciting!

Holly Renee

I LOVE that crib in the last collage! I am not such a fan of the big head flowers/bows, I share the sentiments of Andy.

I have three nephews and let me tell you, being an Aunt is awesome. You can take them for awhile when they are cute and then give them back. It's perfect.

Thank you for the kind comment on my blog. It's very much appreciated. It's good to hear that other people have been through this. I am hoping that time heals.

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