Apr 22, 2010

who eats a hot pocket with a fork and knife?

I do.

Well, today I do.

Corey had to give me a hard time about it but in my defense, it was too hard to bite into.

Actually, that was my fault. I don't like reading directions. Just ask Andy. In fact, I loathe it, with every fiber of my being.

So I didn't read the directions, had no idea how long to nuke the Hot Pocket in the microwave and decided to just wing it.

That winging it thing didn't work out so well for me because I cooked the Hot Pocket too long and it came out crusty. Hence, the knife and fork.

Yeah, yeah. I know.

Not reading directions gets me in to trouble quite frequently, but I doubt I will ever learn my lesson. Especially now that I have Andy.

He reads the directions from top to bottom. Oh, he's so good at reading and following directions!!

And I'm so bad at it. Funny huh. I love to read. I mean, I love love to read. Just not directions.

I don't take direction very well either. You can confirm that with Andy as well...and my mother for that matter. Oh they both know first hand how I can be.

I don't like anybody telling me how it is.

I tell myself how it is.

I'm stubborn like that.

Anyway, back to the Hot Pocket. If you care to know... it was delicious. Crusty, but delicious.

Dinner will be delicious too. I'm making quesadilla salad with grilled chicken on top. Yum. I can't wait!!

Oh, and I'm not following a recipe either. I have trouble reading those as well. I think I'll just wing it.

If I'm lucky, it will look something like this:




Umm ... that salad looks delish! I must admit, I do the same thing when it comes to following directions. What directions right:)?? They are for those who don't know that they are doing

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