Mar 31, 2010

Yesterday was Christmas

I got a present yesterday.

These adorable Pyrex bowls.

Andy's mom, Lois, spotted them at a garage sale and because she knows how much I love them, she grabbed them up for me.

Rumor has it that she fought off another lady who also had her eye on them. After some purse swinging and a little bit of a brawl, the bowls were going home with Lois, to eventually make their home in my cupboard.

Okay, I don't really think that happened. I'm pretty sure I just imagined that Lois went to war to get them for me, just cause she loves me. But I'm pretty sure she would have if that's what it came down to. She knows I adore my matching casserole dish.

Don't they just look like the cutest little family, sitting there all together on my counter?

Merry 2nd Christmas to me!! Hope that imaginary lady I made up is recovering from her purse bruises.




Ok that is seriously AWESOME!!! I love those to pieces. How completely fabulous!

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