Mar 15, 2010

my week of chillaxin'

Last night was so great. I happened to get off work pretty early so Andy I were able to fit in some quality time together.

We decided to get all dressed up and go out to dinner at Boston's. I have to say, Andy was looking smokin' hot in his nice digs!! Dinner was so yummy and so relaxing.

After sharing a delicious piece of their Hot Brandy Cream Pie, we headed home, picking up a movie on the way.

We spent the rest of the night cuddling on the couch and watching Couple's Retreat, which was pretty funny and a great pick for the night.

I'm on Spring Break this week and it's pretty awesome. We are headed to Vegas but not until Friday, so until then I have four whole days to do as I please!!

Most importantly, I plan to sleep in every day because I never get to do that. I do have a list of responsibilities that need to be done this week, including some major spring cleaning around the house and projects for school. But for the most part, the week is all mine!

I get to be as lazy as these turkey's:

I also plan to catch up on my Google Reader, take Ash for a hike, do a little online shopping for some fun stuff for the house, read, break out my pilates mat and basically just chill. I'm pretty excited.

Want to know what else I'm excited about?


Andy started to till up the ground in our backyard for a new garden space!! Bye bye square foot gardens and hello plenty of space to plant anything we want to. We're totally psyched.

He also cleared out a space under the trees in the backyard for me. I have big plans for a hostas garden with a bird house on a post, that I'm hoping I can coerce Andy into building for me.

Well, have a lovely week! I know I will.

xoxo- Kimberly



That garden will be huge! I can't wait to see other pics of it in progress.

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