Mar 23, 2010


We had so much fun in Vegas this weekend!! We didn't want our vacation to end.

The drive down there.

We pulled in to Vegas around 3 in the afternoon and after registering at the hotel (we didn't stay in a casino) we decided to head down to the strip and take a look around.

The Venetian Casino (ceiling)

Sorry this pic is blurry but this is the canal that runs through the Venetian.
You can take gondola rides on it.

Treasure Island

After wandering around for a bit we decided to make our way over to the mall and find some dinner. We ended up eating at California Pizza Kitchen.

We didn't have pizza though. I had the Thai salad and Andy had salad also, but I forget what kind. I only remember it was yummy!

When the sun started to set we decided to head over to Fremont Street. We were in search of yard long margarita's and deep fried Twinkies.

On the way over we passed by Treasure Island again and caught a bit of the pirate show. They have two pirate ships out front.

We watched the half naked wenches on one ship 'battling' the hot pirate guys on the other ship. Very entertaining, let me tell you!

We finally made it to Fremont Street and found the Twinkies. Look at that deep fried goodness covered in chocolate and powdered sugar. They're so rich and I was too full to finish mine.

After watching the LED ceiling screen that covers half of Fremont street for a bit, we decided to head back to the hotel and call it a night.

The next morning we woke up and had continental breakfast at the hotel. Then went for a morning swim in the 'heated' pool. It was a little chilly at first, but the swim was actually kind of nice and we were able to get a little sun bathing in as it got warmer.

After showering and getting ready for the day we met up with Heather, Joe and the rest of the wedding party for lunch which was really fun and I'm sorry I don't have pictures of that.

Andy and I had some time to ourselves that afternoon so we decided to take the scenic drive up to Red Rock Canyon. It is so pretty up there.

The weather was perfect for hiking and climbing but we hadn't brought any of our climbing gear with us, so we'll have to plan for that next time.

You can see a helicopter in the distance dropping off climbers on the top of the peak. There were climbers and routes all across the canyon! It looked like a lot of fun.

View of Vegas from Red Rocks

On our way down we discovered this cute little place-Bonnie Springs.

They have horseback riding, a western town complete with melodrama and gun fights, a petting zoo and a restaurant. We stopped to watch the turtles swimming around. I wanted to take one home but eventually decided that wasn't in the turtles' best interest what with Henry and Mauney lurking around. We also stopped in the restaurant and had a couple drinks.

After cleaning up back at the hotel, Andy dropped me off at Heather's for the bachelorette party and he headed out to visit a friend.

For the first part of the night the girls met at Heather's house for dinner and a little bit of bachelorette party fun and silliness.

The bride

Later that night the boys met up with us and we all headed over to the Voodoo Lounge. There was about 16 of us and Heather's sister in law, Liz, had a contact at the club that was able to comp us a $700 VIP table, so that was pretty sweet.

We felt just a teensy bit like celebrities being led past the line of people waiting to get in the club and up the elevator to our table. The guy that took us up there was all sorts of professional in his black suit and businesslike with his serious face. I kinda thought he came straight out of MIB looking like that.

The dance floor is outside on the top level of the Rio.

Andy and I danced together for awhile which was super fun and when we got hot and tired we stopped for a bit and took in the view.

By the end of the night we were wiped out and my high heeled feet were screaming! But since Andy kept telling me how hot I looked, I decided they had been worth it, haha.

The next morning we packed it up and headed back to the snowy Utah mountains feeling pretty sad that our fun weekend was already over.

Last night I went to the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner and tonight Andy and I will be at the wedding. I'll share pictures of all that tomorrow.




Red Rocks is amazingly beautiful. We did that whole journey the last time we were in Vegas. And I LOVE Fremont Street.


Dude the table at VooDoo was the bomb! Definitely felt like a celeb being able to pass the whole line and just walk right in. WOO! I think the whole week was way too short. I wish I could just hang out with all our friends all the time. :)

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