Mar 16, 2010

Kids-part one

So my sister is expecting her first child in June and we are all so excited. Of course I've been doing a little online shopping for the little tyke.

I've had to practice some serious discipline and not buy every adorable little thing I see. Why is everything so much cuter when it's miniature?

I thought I'd post some of the super cute stuff I've found along the way. I seriously could create a post for every day of the year with all the adorableness that's out there. But today, we'll stick to clothing.








Sources: Smallable, Little Pinwheel, My Vintage Baby Direct

Those kids are just so cute! Now.... what to buy first?

I know as a parent, you'd probably rather not spend a lot of money on clothes they'll just grow out of in a couple months, but I'm the aunt. I can do what I want. :)




:) I love the little boy clothes especially. (I always think that means I am having a boy when I am pregnant, but my two girls are proof I have no intuition!) But that striped sunsuit deal? I think I probably had one similar when I was that size. oh, the nostalgia!


hey im a new follower of your blog and i must say those kids are too precious. i absolutely have to stop myself from buying my son clothes i get overly excited since they're all so adorable!! :) good luck with the shopping. if you have outlets near you they're the best places to shop for clothes since babies outgrow them so fast!



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