Mar 30, 2010

just some fun with music

I seriously have been up to my eyeballs in class work. Not even kidding. I haven't had the time or energy to get on my blog and say so much as "hi" lately. It's insane and it's only going to get more crazy. I just registered for my summer class so there's no break for me but that's okay. I'm all about pushing through right now. That diploma is so so close. I can taste it!! Okay, maybe not but you know what I mean.

My Ipod has been getting me through the boring math assignments and lecture notes lately. It's been my saving grace, that and Andy's constant encouragement. I thought I'd share some of the music that gets me pumped to WORK the most.

I think I've posted a lot of my fun loving and sweet, sentimental favorites lately, but when it really comes down to it- I like the stuff that really gets my blood pumping. The stuff that makes me feel determined.

Songs like "Coming Undone" by Korn with Dem Franchize Boys. Amazing collaboration. I'm posting the instrumental version of the song just cause the lyrics are raunchy but if you want to hear the lyrics version just find it on Youtube.

Anyways- I'm going to attempt to get back on schedule today. Pretty sure Korn will be with me all the way.

ps- If you ever watched America's Best Dance Crew. I believe the Jabbawockeez performed to "Lean Wit It" a few seasons back. We don't have cable so I can't watch it anymore. That gives me a sad face, because I loved that show. Hmm... maybe I'll try to find that video or just post some Jabberwockeez just for fun.....and maybe some of my other favorites songs. I'll just have fun with it today.... enjoy!

"Coming Undone" Instrumental Version

"Lean Wit It" with Jabbawockeez- Not one of their strongest dances but still good.

"Turn Heads" Dem Franchize Boys with Lloyd

"Throw It On Me" by Timbaland featuring The Hives- Seriously, this song is sick. I love it.

"If We Ever Meet Again" by Timbaland featuring Katy Perry- Totally loving this one!! This isn't 'hard', but I have to share it because it's my number one pick right now.

And I have to post some Lil John for my baby. Andy does a perfect impression of him-

"Get Low" Lil John with The Eastside Boyz- I never get tired of this song. They used to play it during the awards ceremony at drill competitions and it was so fun to watch the teams mess around and freestyle to it.

A couple more from Jabbawockeez just cause they're the shiz.

"PYT" When we first saw this on ABDC, I think I started crying. I always cry when I see incredible dancing no matter what style it is. You just can't help but completely appreciate the work and total dedication that goes in to routines like that. It's amazing to watch artists who truly love what they do. It's very inspiring.

So PYT is one of mine and my sister's favorites. My mom recorded it and we rewound that tape and watched the recording over and over again until it finally wore out.

"Apologize" The creativity and originality in their choreography is so incredible.

Well, I think I'm pumped and ready to study!!




LOVE your pics. I'll have to check out some of the video from home. I've only seen a few episodes of ABDC. I saw the Lady Gaga one that was on TV lately and it was pretty cool. Some of those folks are just so talented. AH good times. Good luck with your homework! YOU CAN DOOOO EEEIIIITTTT!!!!


Good luck with all of your classes! It's the home stretch of the semester!

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