Mar 10, 2010

seen and loved-wedding, photography and Flashdance, oh my!


I am in love with this wedding bouquet!!

How unique and original is that?

The bride even has a matching hair piece. I just about fell out of my chair when I saw it.

I actually did fall out of my chair when I saw the bride's gown though!!

Okay, I didn't fall out of my chair but I did gasp loud enough to make everyone around me look over. Absolutely breathtaking!!

The wedding was photographed by
Stephanie Williams Photography. Please go look at the rest of the pictures as the wedding is gorgeous!

The music for the festivities was provided by
Flashdance. Hands down best wedding DJ ever! Please go check out the website and friend them on Facebook.

And have yourself a little fun listening to the amazing music mixes, too!! The first time I discovered their site I think I idled away two hours just checking it out.

And don't miss their photography- yes, they do it all. They are the shiz!

Practical My Ass! from Michael Antonia on Vimeo.

Love it!




I would have never thought of succulents in a bouquet, but I love them! Perhaps I should grow some in my garden and keep that in mind.

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