Mar 5, 2010


It's snowing today. That made me pretty unhappy when I woke up this morning and looked outside. So I promptly ignored the fact that I had to open the lab and went back to bed.

I eventually did get my lazy behind out of bed and managed to throw on a sweatshirt, put an elastic around my mess of hair and run out the door. How annoying to sleep in on the one day this week I had planned to actually fix my hair. So now I've rounded up an entire week of ponytails and bedhead. Nice.

I was pretty pleased to see that it's finally getting lighter in the morning. Isn't it the pits to have to leave the house while its still dark?

Andy's got a date with the dentist today. He'll be coming home with stitches. Doesn't sound too fun to me, but he's being a trooper.

As for me, it's work, class, work, and more work. On Fridays I work three separate shifts. I open the lab, go to class for awhile, come back and work the lab for two more hours then jet off to work in Salt Lake for the evening. It's my craziest day. Because of that, it's also the day I allow myself to stop at Arby's for lunch. Love it.

Hope you all have a great day and I hope Andy and I survive ours!




Arby's always makes my day GREAT!


Arby's for lunch sounds good right about now. And I just ate.


OMG that's crazy girl! Ok and stitches from the dentist just sounds wrong. OY! I hope you all survived that insanity. Arby's does sound tasty though. MMMM!!!

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