Dec 3, 2009


So I let Maun Maun in today while I was eating my lunch. She went straight to the bathroom and drank out of the toilet. Typical.

Then she took herself to the kitchen. After a short time, I decided I best check on her. She's trangressed in the kitchen in the past and it just plain weren't good.

I couldn't find her.


The oven door was slightly ajar for some reason, so I peered inside.


Thank goodness. But where was she?

Then I heard a *chirp* behind me. It was the sound that her and Henry sometimes make when they're feeling quite content.

I turned around and this is what I saw.

That's my kitchen drawer, with my oven mitts in it. It doesn't have a top on it because we haven't put the countertop on yet.

I'm sure she thought she was pretty clever finding just the perfect place to nest.

Of course I swooped her up and scolded her (after I ran and grabbed my camera for this evidential photo.)

But it can't be as bad as the places Henry finds to nest sometimes, which are just plain strange.

This is a plastic bag that he found pretty cozy for some reason.

And later, a box that he snuggled his way into. He got mad when I started pushing him around the room making *vroom *vroom sounds.

And don't get me started on Ashland's nesting habits. What a baby.

Now I'm starting to feel tired and just want to go burrow my way under the covers of our massive and exceptionally comfortable bed.

I have 30 minutes until I have to leave for work. Cat Dog People nap perhaps? Sounds so nice!


Heather (aka Moto)

I love it! Super cute and they are just so sweet! Even when they are being evil... :)


What a title... I had to read just because I needed to see if it was YOU that was nesting. I guess you aren't pregos then huh? haha


Didn't you know that plastic bags are the best place to nap? Ah ha ha

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