Dec 18, 2009

Christmas Cartoons

One of my favorite things about Christmastime when I was growing up, was the Christmas cartoons. I was just reminiscing today about some of my favorites.

Want to reminisce with me?

And my absolute, all time favorite Christmas Cartoon was The Nutcracker Fantasy. Thanks to Andy for helping me find it online. I loved, loved, loved this version of the Nutcracker.

That was so much fun!! I miss these cartoons! IMO, cartoons these days are just crap. Last year Andy got me a compilation of some of my favorite Christmas cartoons as a gift and I was so excited! I think it's time to get them out again.


Savvy Gal

it's been a while since i watch any sort of cartoon shows. yes, these are def classics and brings back great childhood memory. have a great sunday.

oh as for the timeline, I did casually state it will be nice to have wedding in the fall so it's not too hot or cold. : )

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