Dec 11, 2009

all worked up


It's the busy season at work. Mandatory overtime is required and last night we were asked to work 10 hours shifts. Sometimes they bump it up to 12 hours.

I'll be honest. It sucks.

So when I start feeling down about all the time I have to spend working on the weekends these days (especially now, during the holidays), I remind myself why I'm doing it and what it's all leading up to. And I also remind myself that I'm lucky to have a job right now.

Sure, I don't need this job to pay my bills. I could quit working on the weekends and still be able to survive financially. But... I would not be saving anything.

And Grad school, out of state, is not going to pay for itself. And that is an experience I want more than anything.

Even if I get scholarships or other funding, it's not just school that I'll be paying for. It's living expenses as well. And I would be extremely upset if I didn't save now and then ended up having to take lame online classes from home because I couldn't afford to move to the school of my choice.

So even though my weekends are typically spent working, I try to be home during the week by 5pm and have all my class work and other tasks done by that time as well. After 5 is spent enjoying time with my family.

Basically, it's a matter of figuring out how to juggle things right now so that in the future, I can have the career and schedule that I really want.

When you know what you want out of life it would be a shame to take the lazy way towards that goal and then feel regret for missing out on some really great experiences along the way.


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