Dec 18, 2009

The new stuff

My Look
Blumarine at ShopStyle
Snow is so lovely right after it falls, but the second the world starts moving for the day, everything starts to turn gray and look a bit...

This is the Real World Baby!!
Majorica at ShopStyle
This aint no Wonderland, this is the real world, Baby! A look for sophisticated, hardworking women.


A little Princess

Where have you been all my bloglife?! He he, I love your blog name, I think I had an aunt called Candy. I have an uncle who gets through wives like toilet roll, ooh, poor choice of comparison there!

Snow is perfect, in those moments when it falls from the sky, it's like time stands still, then all of a sudden, reality kicks in and a car swoops past, spluttering you with mulching grey, stoney snow.


You Are My Fave

I've been looking for a cute mustard colored cardigan and I think you found it for me. Thanks.

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