Dec 8, 2009

Make your own

The women in my family have the tradition of exchanging homemade Christmas ornaments each year.

I have had a lot of fun creating my own ornaments in the past and handing them out at our Christmas party. I love that I come home with around 10 new ornaments each year to add to my collection.

I was searching online for some ideas for this years ornament and came across some great ones.

These beauties are made from beads and corsage pins!
Learn how to make them at

I am a big fan of the real ribbon candy and I love how easy this ornament is to make!
Also found on

I love this ornament made with Scrabble pieces
Featured in this months
Country Living

Although this pocket watch ornament would be a little expensive,
I had to feature it because I love it so much

I'm having a hard time choosing which ornament to make this year!

Here are a few that my family has made in the past:

Scrapbook paper Modge Podged onto a wooden heart with buttons hot glued on the front.

Wooden snowflakes found at a local craft store, painted and glittered.

This cute little tree was made with a Scotch Brite pad and a stick of cinnamon for the trunk.

More scrapbook paper Modge Podged onto a wooden block with a ribbon tied around it to make it look like a miniature present.

So what do you think. Which one would you like hanging on your tree?



I love the first one, but I'm biased. My mom made ornaments like that before I was born and they were on our tree every year.

You Are My Fave

That Scrabble one is so clever. I love that game.

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