Dec 30, 2009

It's play time!!

We got some fluffy powder dumped in our yard today so Andy and I took Ash out to play.

We threw the frisbee for her and she bounded through the snow like a little jack rabbit.

Coming back for more over and over again.

I couldn't help but purposely throw a low one so she'd have to tunnel through the snow with her nose to get it.

Because she'd come back all snowy faced and looking so adorable.

Henry didn't appreciate the snow. The poor guy was tip toe-ing around like a little baby and shaking off his wet paws after each step.

I gently tossed him in a snowbank.

The second he got his footing, he high tailed it out of there, stopping to give me a dirty look as he passed.


Heather (aka Moto)

That is so funny! You guys have lots of snow. AHHH!!! I haven't seen snow in forever. HA HA HA!!! Cute pics though. :)

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