Dec 17, 2009

A little playful banter

So Andy and I are sitting in bed with our laptops winding down from the day and the following conversation ensues:

Him- I'm thirsty.

Me- Me too.

He gets up and leaves the room to get a glass of water and then comes back into the room offering me the cup.

Me- no thanks. I can't drink that.

Him- Why?

Me- Because you got it from the bathroom sink.

Him- What's wrong with the bathroom sink water?

Me- It gives me the hee-bee jeebies. I can't drink it. Sorry.

Him- blank stare

Me- It smells funny. It tastes funny. I can't drink it.

Him- It's the same water that comes out of our kitchen faucet.

Me- I know.

Him- He looks at me with amazement like 'well....?'

Me- The bathroom water is not the same. It's contaminated. I'm sure of it. I can't drink it.

Him- *playfuly* I'm gonna slap the crap out of you. You are so wierd.

Me- *grinning* I know.

Commence surfing on our laptops.

A little while later...

Him- Babe...I got you a drink.

Me- No you didn't.

Him- Yes I did. I got you a drink from the kitchen. Do you want some?

Me- You did not get me a drink from the kitchen. I listened to you and I heard you go into the bathroom and get the water from the bathroom.

Him- No, no. I swear I got this water from the kitchen. Just drink it.

Me- Nope. Gross. Thinking about drinking that water makes me gag.

Him- holding the water over my head. I'm seriously going to slap the crap out of you. If you don't drink some of this, I'm pouring it over your head.

Me- No! Under no circumstances can I drink that.

Him- So what did you do when the kitchen sink was out of commission for a month while I worked on the counter tops?

Me- I didn't drink water. (of course...duh!)

Him- You didn't drink water. Uh huh. You are so difficult.

Me- I know.

Commence laptop surfing.

A little while later....

he farts. and laughs.

Me- Ugh! What is with guys and farting ALL. THE. TIME?

Him- It's what we do. Hey, at least I aimed out the other side of the sheets so it would drift away from you.

Me- Gee thanks. I swear. I'm gonna slap the crap out of you.

Him- Too late.

Me- rolling my eyes and again trying not to look amused at his little joke.

But I couldn't help it and started laughing.

Then we turned out the lights and called it a night.

Ten minutes later I got out of bed, went upstairs and got myself a deliciously glass of cold water....

from the kitchen faucet.


Heather (aka Moto)

Dude you guys are a riot! That was hilarious. And so typical of guys. FYI bathroom water is a no go... SICK! I don't care if it's the same water. YUCK. HA HA HA!!!


This was Hilarious!!!

Sounds a lot like the convo's Jimmy and I have....only I won't drink out of the tap at all. =)

But the farting....oh yes, that's totally the same.

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