Dec 6, 2010

Until then

Everyone's posting all sorts of Christmas goodness in the blogosphere these days and it's totally killing me. I really don't feel like I can totally participate in all the fun until my last final is out of the way.

That last final happens to be tomorrow morning and it also happens to be for the class that has been a living nightmare all semester. I will seriously breath a big huge sigh of relief when I walk out of that classroom tomorrow at noon. Ugh. I'd like to punch that professor in the nose for all the migraines he's caused me over the last few months.

Anywho, seeing as how my final is tomorrow-AM, I should be studying my butt off right now. Well, I'm trying. But the truth is, my brain checked out three days ago and I haven't seen it since. All I can think of is Andy's company party on Thursday night and how I will finally be able to kick off the holiday season the right way.

I've already made my Things To Do in December list. It includes:

Making cookies


I'm getting a lot better at this cookie making thing.

Wedding Hoopla


Yep, still got some wedding planning to do. Our invites should be arriving on Wednesday so I'll be spending some time getting those sorted out. I've also got some other little DIY projects up my sleeve that I'd like to work on as well. And while I'm at it, I might as well try on my wedding dress again- you know, just to remind myself how freaking awesome it is!



I've only got a little bit of shopping to do this year but I'm still excited to do it.



I've got some great movies on my Netflix list that I'm hoping to have some time to watch in the next couple of weeks.

I could get to all of that if I could only get past tomorrow morning. But first, I need to find a way to cram all the details of English monarchy from Henry IV through the War of the Roses into my uncooperative brain. Wish me luck!




Love this blog, yet haven't been a great commenter. Congrats on the wedding planning, how exciting! How do you sleep at night?


Those cookies look SO good! MMM!!! I've made a list of things to get done in December too but unfortunately it's a much more boring list... So far it includes cleaning/sorting and organizing my office so I can actually use it. HA HA HA! But on the bright side when it's done I'll be able to use my sewing machine that my Mom got me a while back and I'll have a place for the Cricut Joe is getting me for Christmas. WA HA HA! Let the crafting begin!!! :)

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