Dec 1, 2010

One Word

I'm participating in #reverb10 this year. I want to say that I'll participate religiously like clock work, but I think I'll just commit to saying that I'll do my best to hit up every topic. With today being December 1, the first topic is 'One Word.'

My word...Light. I'm choosing light because 2010 has shined the light on/answered a lot of questions that had been plaguing me as far as my future was concerned.

-I got engaged. I'm constantly filled up with the
light of love and gratitude-not to mention the light/bling on my ring finger. This, of course, answered the question "Will I ever trust/love a guy enough to want to walk down the aisle again?"

-I got a job in the archives which led to a job in special collections and the
lightbulb came on. This answered the question "Is library work right for me-should I get my master's in library science?"

-My sister had a baby who I totally fell in love with. I now see that kids have a sweet little
light in them and they aren't all just little demons. That answered the question "Will I ever want to have kids of my own?"

-I've now made it to the end of the semester alive and realized that I only have 8 classes left to take-I now see the
light at the end of the tunnel. That answered the question "Can I really get through this and graduate?"

I thought that in
2010 light was the perfect word. What do I want my word for 2011 to be? Create. I want Andy and I to spend our first year as a married couple creating an amazing life together and I wouldn't be sad if we actually ended up 'creating' someone something together either.




I love people's reverb words today. Yours is so perfect!


This is so fun! I've read your other REVERB posts and I totally love it! I totally laughed on your bit about kids being little demons. Sometimes I feel like they all are but everyone always says you won't feel like that about your own.... I guess you just have to have them to know for sure. HA HA HA!!!

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