Dec 19, 2010

From 'meh' to yeah! Someday.

If Andy and I ever get the kitchen remodel finished, then we'll go back to working on the bedroom remodel. And if we ever get the bedroom remodel finished then I'd like to tackle the living room.

Right now our living room is 'meh' at best. It's seriously lacking. Our couches are comfortable and in good shape, but they don't fit the space-especially now that we've knocked out the wall between the living room and the kitchen. Also, while I typically love green, it's just not the right match for what we envisioned.



I've been playing around with some ideas and this is what I came up with.

Living Room Orange

Both Andy and I are sold on the gray couch so I tried to work around that. It's just an idea of course, and will most likely change, but I had fun dreaming of having a living room that fit our style and personality a little better. This is something we'll have to work our way towards.

What do you think?




I was going to say I like the couch. It looks awesome. :)

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