May 28, 2010

McSneeze and all that jazz

Yep, that's who I am. Miss Sneezy McSneeze.

Andy and I had a fabulous day in Salt Lake, despite the fact that I sneezed my head off the entire time. I think I could possibly be on my 74th sneeze of the day.

I may have some sort of cold thing going on here. Luckily the throat thing I had earlier in the week is gone, so I think it's safe to say that I won't be developing into the full blown flu or anything. I just have to deal with an annoying half stuffy, half runny nose and a bit of foggyness upstairs.

It's all good in the hood though. I'll surviving with plenty of forehead kisses from Andy. And Salt Lake was fun. Yeah, capital F.U.N!

We picked out and ordered the tile for our kitchen backsplash! Damn, did that feel good to check off of our list!! I wanted to high five Andy on the way out of the tile store but I sneezed instead.

We also went to lunch at Cheesecake Factory and may or may not have brought home a very large piece of Carrot Cake Cheesecake to share later tonight. hehe.


Jealous much?

Thought so. Let me make you more jealous by telling you that I had Chicken Madeira and it was delectable.

Anyway, we also went over to Fred Meyer and perused their garden center, cause we're cool like that. Actually Fred Meyer Garden Center is always on our list of things to do when we go to Salt Lake. What can I say? We live an exciting life. We usually try to hit up Whole Foods and the library as well, but we didn't have the energy for that today.

Later we went over to My Dough Girl and got a cranberry/almond/white chocolate cookie, because cheesecake just isn't enough for us fools. Yeah, we love us some food and treats.

Oh! ooh! ooh! I almost forgot to tell you the most exciting thing! Andy bought himself a cruiser bike (not matchy matchy with
mine because that would be all sorts of lame) but super cool anyway. And now we can cruise all over this shiz together! Can I get a woot woot! But he doesn't have a cute basket like me. I'm sure he's sad about that.

So yeah, despite my sneeze handicap we had a great day! Now I'm recovering on the couch with a BL Lime (yes I know this is a fabulous choice for a sicky like me) and several hundred yards of tissue. Yep. It's like that.

Okay, I'm done. Peace out.

Hmmm, maybe my head is a little more foggy that I thought. I may be slightly dillusional.

Oh who cares. Peace out HOMIES!




I would have to agree with you ... CF's chicken madeira is absolutely fabulous. Girl, if you like their carrot cake cheesecake you need to check out their regular carrot cake. Ummm ... mouth is watering just thinking about it!


You are hilarious! Seriously I love reading your blog. WA HA HA! Glad you guys had such a fun day. I can't wait to see pics of the backsplash once it's done. I'm sure it will be fabulous as you have amazing tastes. :) Also that carrot cake cheesecake looks amazing. MMM. :)

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