May 31, 2010

untitled (because it's 5 am and I can't think of an appropriate title for how I feel now)

Is a wedding cause for celebration or not? Am I just being stupid getting giddy over wedding colors and bridal gowns and centerpieces?

Why does it feel like I'm the only person who thinks that getting married is a big deal? I mean, it is one of the most important decisions a person can make in their lifetime. Does that not make it significant and worthy of a celebration?

But maybe it's not all that important or significant after all. Maybe it's just another thing that you do in life, like getting car insurance or having your teeth cleaned. Certainly getting married isn't worth any fuss. At least that's what some people think. I think that point of view is kind of pathetic.

Because I, however, tend to feel that getting married is a pretty damn big deal. You've chosen that one person, the person you want to create the rest of your life with...and now you're going to pledge that commitment to them and make it official. Is that not worthy of a little time and attention......and yes, a little extra cost?

But maybe I am just being stupid and sentimental. Maybe no one really does give a crap about a wedding but me.

Does anyone really care to celebrate our choice to get married? Maybe not. Maybe people from out of town wouldn't think it was really worth the trip and maybe people from in town would only be there because they felt obligated to be there....not because they really cared.

And wedding colors and bridal gowns and centerpieces really are just a big fat waste of time and money and effort.....and I really am just being a stupid sentimental girl for wanting all of that.

That kind of makes me sad. Maybe a wedding just means more to me because I never thought I could go down that road again. I kind of think that it's significant and worth having a celebration for the fact that I actually found someone that I'm willing to let all of my walls crumble for.

I mean, I trust this person. Like, actually trust! I mean, I really, truly, trust this person with the rest of my life. For me...that is an amazing feat and definitely worth a little fuss and attention when we make that commitment official.

Is it silly that I think it's worth making a big deal over the fact that this person means so much to me and that I love this person more than I ever really understood that I was capable of?

Is it silly that I want to share that with my friends and family and put flowers on tables and wear a dress that makes me feel like a million bucks and maybe even get my nails done!?

I don't know. I don't think it's silly at all. Or a waste of time, money, or effort. I don't want to feel like I'm just being a stupid girl flipping through bridal magazines. I want to feel like my excitement and desire to plan something special is justified.

I don't intend on having a $10,000 wedding. But I do intend on commemorating this occasion with more than just a signature on a piece of paper. I don't think that's too much to ask, do you?




A wedding is a celebration of finding the person you want to devote yourself to for life. That is reason enough for all of it! So let the color selection, dress shopping, and party planning be part of the fun. You get to be the princess for the day, and that warrants the attention and time. I am excited to see how your planning comes along, and I am also so happy for you to have found the happiness you describe with your man.


oh Kim,
As I spent the last day and a half with Jen we talked about how excited we were for your wedding. We talked about how you have to have what you want!!! Jen said, "it was a lot of money, but I had what I wanted and would regret it if I didn't do what I wanted."
I am excited for you and your idea's are amazing! Your wedding day is such an important day! I feel so happy that you've found someone that is worth something. That is equally as amazing as you are! I hope to someday be so lucky.
Do exactly what you want for your wedding, don't let downers pull you under! You are beautiful and deserve the greatest wedding of your dreams!
I love you big sis!


Girl you are NOT stupid for wanting all of those things. Yes things in the world have changed and some people don't feel a marriage is necessary any more but honestly I feel we should celebrate it! Celebrate the fact that, like you said, you found someone you love so much you want to pledge the rest of your life to be with them. Celebrate the fact we live in a free country where YOU chose the person you'll marry. Celebrate the start of a new chapter in your life. Believe me I know what it's like to have lived with someone before getting married and certain things don't really change but others do. It's no longer me and my issues it's we and our issues. Things I felt alone in dealing with now are talked about together to find solutions that work for OUR life together.

I say get giddy, flip through a dozen magazines if you want to and definitely get your nails done! (Though when it came to the wedding day I didn't bother. HA HA HA! I did have fake nails for my bridals and engagement pics though...)

Also remember those that truly love you and care for you will be there to support you. It doesn't matter if other people show up out of obligation or because it was convenient for their schedule. You will know in your heart who is there for you to celebrate your union and your future together. Do it big, get what you want and enjoy this time! Your wedding could be $1,000 or $10,000 but as long as in the end you look back and enjoyed yourself that's what counts. (Can't say you won't have regrets because hindsight really is 20/20 but as long as the things that mattered the most were what you want that's what matters.) Love you girl and can't wait to see what you plan!

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