May 19, 2010

post engagement thoughts

Andy is once again away on business until Friday. It's okay though because I could use some alone time to wrap my head around the idea of being engaged. Honestly, I never thought I'd be here again, but I'm so glad that I am.

Last night I had a bit of a mental panic as I realized how 'heavy' our lives were going to be for the next three years. Last week we wrote down a three year plan so we could see how everything would play out and let's just say that we're going to be beyond busy.

Now I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to a) finish my bachelors, b) plan the dream wedding, and c) prepare for a move for grad school all at the same time- not to mention being supportive while Andy works on his master's and won't have much time or patience for wedding plans. Good thing I'm great at multi tasking.

In all honesty, I just want the next three years to be amazing. It's going to be a time of huge change and growth for us and I want it to be an adventure, not a complete headache.

Right now I'm trying hard to hang on to my enthusiasm about my education, which is rapidly shrinking to the back of my mind, as I get more and more excited about planning the wedding. Balancing the two is going to be a challenge.

It was much easier to focus on school when a wedding was something that was still far in the future. But now that it's staring me in the face that seems to be all I can think about!

A few months ago we had talked about when the right time would be and we both agreed that for the sake of our sanity we should wait until I had finished my undergrad and could take a little break from school.

We always knew that we were going to get married.....someday.....but as soon as we began talking about it, and it became more 'real,' I don't think that either of us could wait for it to happen.

Now 'someday' is now and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and giddy with happiness and excitement for all the crazy to start.

Yesterday, while working in the computer lab, I spent the entire time browsing wedding stuff and trying to figure out how I could work enough hours to pay for the kind of wedding I'd like to have not to mention save for a possible move for grad school.

I should have been spending the time finding sources for my research paper, but I just couldn't even concentrate on school.

Anyway, I just have a million things swimming around in my mind right now and I'm having a hard time figuring out what to think about and solve first. Or maybe I should just go to the movies tonight and give myself a break from thinking at all.




Who could resist wedding planning? Not a girl who is newly engaged, for sure! I can only imagine what fun stuff there is out there, I know that my siblings weddings have been far more fabulous than mine was, a few years makes a lot of difference in great resources. I am a tad jealous of you :)

I hope that school finds its place among the plans. Do you guys have a date?


OH I wish I could just come hang out with you!!! Don't buy a wedding planning book though! I'm totally sending you mine. Then if you need something more you can get something. :) Anyway, I feel you on the planning with your other half being really busy. Joe was taking like 15 some odd credits when we were planning the wedding so most of the plans were on me. He'd of course put in an opinion on things he cared about but most of it was whatever I wanted. HA HA HA!!! Anyway, it will be great. Just don't let school slack too much if you're serious about grad school because as a recent bride I can tell you that the day itself goes by so fast and then you're left staring at the rest of your life... AHHH!!! Anyway, love you bunches girl. Let me know what I can do to help! Oh and if you do a UT wedding and want flowers my mom could probably do them cheap. She's done a ton of weddings. :)


I think a trip to the movies is definitely in order.

Lois Lane II

Congrats on the engagement, and btw, nice to "meet" you! ;)

Girl, I feel your pain with life being so hectic. You are ahead of your game, though, with a plan. That's the best thing to do. Know your goals, know what you have to do to achieve them, and go after them. You are SO on the right step!!

(And, btw, my hubby has lots of silly shirts, too, lol...including one that says "Future millionaire," one with the Avengers on it, and a Dunder Mifflin (from the Office) shirt. LOL!!)

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