May 8, 2010

Finally getting our glider!

Andy's mom has this adorable vintage glider sitting on her porch that I completely fell in love with at first sight.

Ever since I first saw it, I just knew I had to have one!! It's so much fun to relax and glide on during a hot summer afternoon.

So Andy and I began searching for our own glider last summer. We had pretty crappy luck though. Every time we found one in the classifieds someone else would snatch it up before we had a chance to get over there.

We found quite a few gliders on Ebay but they were all on the east coast and it wouldn't have been very cost effective to ship one over.

Yesterday, I got a text from Andy's dad saying that there was a glider in the next town over from us. I couldn't get to it though at the moment, and sure enough, a few hours later it was sold.

I was pretty disappointed that we'd missed another chance, until I came home and found out that it was Andy who the glider had been sold to!!

Apparantly his mom had called him and let him know about the find. He left work right then and went over and claimed the glider for our own!!

We are picking it up today and all I can think about is getting it home and deciding what color to paint it and what fabric to use for it's new pillows!!

Isn't she cute?
What color do you think I should I paint it?


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