Jul 31, 2009

Simon and Power Bars

Can I tell you how much I love Simon's Cat videos. There's only a few videos but I watch them over and over again. I wish the artist would create more.

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Can I tell you what else makes me happy? Sue. Sue is an asian woman that comes in to the labs almost every day. She comes in to work on her 'tests' as she calls them. She is studying something to do with religion. Her accent is very heavy so sometimes it's hard to understand her. But I love this lady!

She is one of the nicest and most generous ladies I have ever met. Every time she comes in she brings the lab aide a treat. I have recieved tomatoes, strawberries, corn on the cob, fries with fry sauce, thin mints, sushi and today a protein power bar.

I look forward to seeing what she has brought each time I work. She is so nice to come over and talk to me and tell me about her day. The other reason I love her is because she tells the noisy people to "quiet down! I'm taking test!" And since I get annoyed by loud talkers, this comes in very handy for me.

But overall, she is just a very sweet lady and it's nice to see her everytime I work.



People like that still exist?

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