Jul 22, 2009

I need a wig and a really short skirt to make it today...

I guess you have to look like Barbie and ask stupid questions (that an 8 year old would know the answer to, I might add) to get any service from the Geek Squad at Best Buy today. Oh and I guess you have to batt your eyelashes and giggle obnoxiously too.

Last time I checked I was neither blonde nor stupid, I have no idea how to batt my eyelashes and yes, I can laugh, but only when something is actually funny.

I guess I'll just try going back tomorrow. Maybe it will be 'Smart-Brunette-Librarian Day' and I'll be able to find out what's going on with my laptop.

Until then, I guess I should get in some "Look at me! Look at me! I'm lame and ditzy cause I'm trying to look cute!" Practice Time, so this won't happen again.

But kudo's to Subway who's employee not only treated me like a human being but was pleasant and friendly. Now if only Subway would realize the extreme importance of sprouts and avocados.


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