Jul 2, 2009

The List...

Found this list I created awhile back. I think I'm well on my way.

Things I want to accomplish in my life... It was really interesting to do and fun. It made me think.

Educational -->

1. I want to get my bachelor's degree and my master's degree
2. I want to get straight A's at least one semester (*almost did that this spring but I ended up with 5 A's and 1 B- dang Prof. Ibarguen)
3. I want to actually use the degree I get
4. I want to work in a library, museum, or archive
5. I want to go to the school of my choice for my master's degree

Occupational -->

1. I want to love what I do so much that I would do it for free
2. I want to only work with people who share my vision and passion
3. I want to earn enough to take care of my family
4. I want to earn enough to have a substantial savings account in case of emergency
5. I want to use my career to help someone or something

Dreams -->

1. I want to travel to as many places around the world as I can
2. I want to raise kids who believe in themselves and never settle
3. I want to marry the man of my dreams who believes in me
4. I want to help design my own home and see it built
5. I want to believe in myself and have confidence in my abilities

Dating -->

1. I want to be myself and not feel insecure
2. I want to have fun and laugh
3. I want to be able to relate intellectually and emotionally
4. I want to have amazing chemistry
5. I want to enjoy the journey

In a Man -->

1. I want someone who believes in me and tells me so
2. I want someone who loves me through good and bad times and that I can talk to openly and equally
3. I want someone who is smart and works to better themselves and their life
4. I want someone who will be a great father and husband
5. I want someone who is kind to others, honest, hardworking, and faithful

In a Home Environment-->

1. I want to feel at home, comfortable and at peace
2. I want to feel welcome and loved when I come in the door
3. I want to build or buy a home WITH my spouse
4. I want to turn my home into a reflection of my family, where everyone feels like it's their sanctuary
5. I want to have a beautiful yard and a clean home where others feel welcome and comfortable

Me -->

1. I want to be happy and always appreciate life's blessings
2. I want to love my life and myself
3. I want to always work to be better inside and out
4. I want to have true friends I can count on and share life with
5. I want to be the best me I can be and never settle for less

I want to say -->

1. “I love you more today than I did when I first fell in love with you."
2. “It was hard but it was worth it."
3. “I love everything about my life."
4. “I do!"
5. “I've never been happier"


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