Jul 31, 2009


Today as I was mowing the lawn, I realized how much I love to do chores around the house. In fact, I constantly find myself looking around for something to reorganize, dust, or wash.

I do this funny little thing after I clean a room. I shut the door and leave for a few seconds. Then I come back, open the door, and just look in the room, admiring how fresh and clean it looks. Sometimes I'll do this several times after cleaning a room because it really makes me smile! I think it's that feeling of accomplishment that gets me every time.

Of course, there is one chore that I will avoid like the plague- cleaning the bathtub. I hate cleaning the bathtub for some reason. I will scrub 100 toilets if it means I don't have to wash the bathtub.

There are several chores that I absolutely love including mowing the lawn, laundry, making the bed and vacuming. I really like doing those things.

But you know, I wasn't always happy to do chores. I'm sure my mom could tell you just how difficult it was to get me to clean my room at times.

Do you know that one of my favorite jobs was when I worked for Comfort Inn as a housekeeper? I actually thought it was fun to clean up after people.

But even though I don't mind doing chores around the house, it is nice to get some help sometimes. Andy is really good at helping me with anything I ask him to. He cooked dinner for me this week and it was so good (meatballs) !!

Even Corey helps me. The last few times I've made dinner, he's told me how 'delicious' it was. Now, for someone who doesn't think much of her own culinary skills, that compliment goes a long way!! Last night after dinner, Corey even helped me clean the dinner up, wash the dishes, and wash all the counters off! Totally made my day!

I've got some laundry and other chores on my mental To Do List for this weekend and it makes me laugh to myself when I think that I'm actually looking forward to checking off each item on that list.


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