Aug 1, 2009

Child's Play

Did you ever play that silly little child's game where you tried to predict what the name of your future husband would be?

You take an apple or a pear or anything with a stem. Then you start twisting the stem. With each twist, you make your way through the alphabet..."A"...."B"......"C"....."D"....SNAP!!!

The letter you're on when the stem breaks off is the first letter of your future husband's name. I was in love with Trever and convinced that someday we would end up together. Making it to "T" is hard!! I could never get there.

One time I made one twist, right on "A". I said "Andrew. My husband's name is going to be Andrew. Andrew is such a nice name."

True Story! No lie! It really happened.

But then I had an "Andrew" in my class the next year, and he was a real jerk, so I put that completely out of my mind and went on my merry little way.

Coincidence? I think not!! I should have paid more attention to that apple!


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