Aug 14, 2009

I miss you

Dear Barnes & Noble,

Oh, my love. I miss you terribly! But I know I've got to stay strong. I've got to stay true to the budget.

But I miss your well lit aisles, coffee smell, and organized shelves. We have been so happy together in the past. I'm sorry I let the budget come between us.

I saw today that you've got something new.

She's very pretty. I have to admit I'm jealous. I haven't had anything new in months. It's terribly depressing.

Maybe there's a way I can fit you into my life again. I'm sure the budget will understand. We'll just have to set boundaries.

But until then, I'll just continue to long for you and peruse your website with hope all day while I'm at work.

With Love,




Library? I feel your pain. I love browsing the bookstore with a latte in hand!

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