Aug 14, 2009

Trust me, looks can kill

Yesterday was one of those days.

You know girls.....

"Ugly Days."

I hate those!

Seriously, I felt like I looked this this all day long:

Nice. You know what it's like. You put every shirt in your closet on and somehow they all manage to hang funny, make you look fat, etc. Then your hair won't straighten, lay flat, curl under, etc. You try to get back on track with makeup, but end up coating your nose in mascara and smearing your eyeliner.

Yeah, the morning was rough for me.

It just wasn't that I couldn't find anything to wear or get my hair and makeup to cooperate. I literaly felt like the most atrocious looking human being ever yesterday. Really, I wanted to cry or walk around with a bag over my head.

I went to work and silently prayed that no one would need to actually communicate with me the entire day. I was afraid that people would take one look at me and run away screaming.

It was a seriously bad day for cultivating personal self esteem.

After work Andy asked me to run errands with him. Seriously? This guy is brave. I can't believe he would dare to be seen in public with me when I was looking that hideous!!

But he didn't say a thing about how I looked and he didn't even look at me funny! He just held my hand and led me happily around the store like he didn't even notice my scariness.

(That's Andy and I. I'm the monkey, in case you couldn't tell.)


And then!!!

He took me out for sushi!!

I mean, double seriously??! And he looked at me and smiled at me and talked to me during the entire meal (which was delicious, I might add.)

Later that night I climbed in to bed hoping to get some much needed beauty sleep.

No such luck. I don't know what was up with me.

I tossed. I turned. I got in and out of bed all night long. I could not settle down. I couldn't decide if I was hot or cold. It was awful.

So much for beauty sleep. I woke up looking like this:

Surprisingly though, I felt rested with not a trace of exhaustion. I'm sure it will hit me later though.

I still look and feel ugly today, but there's hope!! No worries.

My sister, Jen is coming to save me from my hideousness tonight! And everyone knows she is the World's Greatest Stylist.

Tonight she'll work her magic. She'll cut and color and wax and all will be well with the world again.

Hopefully she won't mess up.

Hopefully I will look like a goddess when she's done with me.

At least I hope so because I'm pretty sure that if something isn't done with me soon, I'm going to start causing car accidents or riots or something.

Looks really can kill.


Heather (aka Moto)

Dude hilarious! I have had those days so I totally sympathize. I have been feeling like that a lot lately because I need a wax, my hair trimmed and some serious help with my face. Sometimes the makeup feels like it's looking awesome then later I look in the mirror and go OMG WTF?!? Yeah it's craziness!

Girl With The Golden Touch

OMG I totally had one of these days on Tuesday. I actually cried because I felt so ugly it was a horrific day for me.

And I am sure you look beautiful today lady!


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