Aug 28, 2009


I love.....

*the feeling of Andy's arms around me after going without them
for three days.

*the fact that I have so much reading to do I feel like my head is going to explode.

*that my sister really, really wants me to be at the family reunion
'just like old times.'

*my friend Heather, who is always there for me when I need her- even in the middle of a busy work day.

*having a good cry every now and then.

*being with someone who actually cares about how I feel and what I need to feel loved.

*the mild weather we've been having lately and the nights with a cool breeze coming in the window.

*my sweet, sweet dog who snuck onto the bed and wriggled her way in between Andy and I just to get some loves.

*that there's a pork roast cooking in my crock pot today and that when I get home today, the house will smell wonderful because of it.

*the feeling of contentment, peace, and security.

*that Andy texted me twice just to tell me he thought I was sexy and hot- all while I was sitting on the couch next to him.


Krysten Hartenstein

I love the last one - my husband and I constantly text while we're right next to each other. So adorable =-)


It's the little things in life that count the most.

I definitely understand the second one on the list - my reading list right now is 12 books deep, and I keep adding more every day!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Heather (aka Moto)

So awesome! Girl you KNOW I always have time for you. Well unless I'm in a meeting because then I could get fired for taking a call. HA HA HA! No really though if you were in need you know I'd be there for you. AND you always have a place to crash anytime you need to get away. :)

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