Aug 20, 2009

My boyfriend's better than yours

Sorry to say it, but it's true. There is no guy better than mine. After Andy found out the horrific day I had yesterday, he came home to find me pouting on the bed. He told me just to stay there and rest so I could get rid of my splitting headache.

He said he had everything taken care of and that dinner was already in the works. Which was freaking amazing because even when I feel like crud, I'm still hungry!

So I come upstairs to find the most delicious bacon and artichoke pizza sizzling in the oven and a salad waiting on the counter. I could have cried. Again. For the hundredth time that day.

Then we spent some time working in the garden and playing with Ash and later worked on finishing the book we've been reading. Because Andy took the time to be there for me and distract me from the stresses of the day, I was able to enjoy the rest of my night and get to sleep with no problems.

So hands down, my boyfriend is better than yours. You're welcome to challenge me on that one if you dare.


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